Horizon Festival, Bansko

Now that I’ve fully recovered from Horizon Festival I can take some time to write a quick review!

This was Horizon’s second year; last year it had a great start and the organisers did a great job of improving the festival to make it bigger and better with new venues and different events like Pro Rider Demo’s in the park.

Once again, there was a fantastic, friendly atmosphere thoughout Horizon – the partygoers were loving the fresh snow that conveniently arrived for them at the beginning of the week as well as the budget loving prices in Bansko. The Horizon staff were great; cheerful and helpful and even the DJs were joining the crowd to party after their sets.


At the ripe old age of 33 I couldn’t quite manage a full week of partying (my excuse is that I had to do some work) but I loved that Hotel Tofana got involved this year at Chalin Valog. It’s a great mountain venue and the nicely organised shuttle buses made it easy to access for those who didn’t make it onto the slopes. Kerri Chandler was fantastic – please can he come back next year??

Tofana Fire Dancers

Tofana Fire Dancers

Even though I didn’t make it to all the parties, it was great to see the chilled out town of Bansko hosting a festival like this; the energy and atmosphere in town is fantastic and the display of animal onsie’s and 80s retro ski gear on the slopes was very impressive.

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