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10 things that we love about Bansko!

Bansko is well known it’s inexpensive ski holidays but we think that it has so much more to offer. Read on for 10 more reasons to visit Bansko:

1. It’s different from the norm, where else do you find a snowboarder clad in all the modern gear crossing the road at the same time as a herd of goats, a goat herder and his dog? Traditional life is still carrying on in Bansko, despite the brand new ski resort that popped up above the town in 2005.

Old men in Bansko

Bansko locals watching the world (and the snowboarders) go by.

2. Something for everyone. If you don’t fancy skiing on every day of your holiday there are museums, a narrow gauge railway, paragliding, 4×4 safaris, micro-lite flights and an abundance of 5 star spas for some serious relaxation.

3. A huge choice of restaurants. Ranging from traditional taverns to pizzerias, steak houses or quick and easy bar snacks to fine dining in elegant surroundings, Bansko has them all.

4. Bansko’s Old Town is a UNESCO protected heritage site, we never get bored of roaming through the cobbled streets, finding atmospheric hidden taverns and hand made pottery shops around every corner.

Photo showing the snow in a street of Bansko

The meandering streets of Bansko’s Old Town.

5. Nightlife, Bansko might not have as crazy an apres-ski scene as some resorts but it if you want a lively night out it has plenty to choose from. There’s the quirky little renovated house ‘Bash Bar’ that is popular with locals and seasonnaires, ‘Amigo’s’ have excellent live music and bar staff that like to do a bit a flame throwing, the more chilled out bar ‘Pirin 75’ and new for the 14/15 season is ‘The Hub’ which promises to have something for everyone with performers already lined up for the season…. watch this space!

6. It’s great value for money. We couldn’t leave this out – a round of 5 drinks in Bansko will easily cost less than £15 which is great for your holiday spending money fund!

7. Fast new lifts, Bansko’s current infrastructure was all new from 2005 onwards meaning that the ski lifts are modern and fast (except for the three man that was leftover from communist ski holidays – it’s best to only use this one if you need a nice long rest).

8. Good variety of pistes. Beginners have several gentle slopes to choose from and can gradually work their way around the mountain on increasingly challenging runs and snowboarders can easily avoid most of the drag lifts in resort if they want to! Intermediates have some fantastic wide slopes to cruise on and advanced skiers can try out the World Cup blacks.

Photo showing the runs on-piste and off-piste in bansko.

Wide piste and great off-piste tree runs in Bansko.

9. Accessible off-piste. There is a huge amount of amazing off-piste in Bansko that can be accessed from the lifts, without having to hike. It ranges from easy open runs to technical, steep tree runs and we love it!

10. Stunning scenery on the Bansko mountain. As a UNESCO protected area, building is limited on the mountain which means that you wont see any high-rise monstrosities looming over you during your day on the slopes.

Bansko Bar Crawl.

You might think that a Tuesday night in Bansko would be quiet but No! Every week, we ask our guests if they want to come with us and do the Bansko Bar Crawl. It’s a great time to see Bansko by night, have fun and for some of our guests, to try to speak French!
This season we have been singing at the karaoke bar, clubbing at Oxygen, dancing on the bar at Jack’s House, and watching the live band at Amigos…

So now it’s the end of the season and it is with a lot of pride that it’s time for us to look back over the ski season and award the winners:

CATEGORY Best Singers
Some have been a bit shy to start but then, the machine was on and some people just didn’t want to let go of the microphone! Thank you to all the team for that great night.

Our best karaoke guests in Bansko!

Our best karaoke guests in Bansko!

CATEGORY Best Costume

A fabulous week with a daily vote to choose the lucky?? one who had to dress up in a ballet Tutu during the day on the ski slopes.

Our guests took it in turns to wear a ballet tutu on the slopes!

Our guests took it in turns to wear a ballet tutu on the slopes!

CATEGORY Best time on the slopes

Even with two injured people, this afternoon on the slopes was perfect! Just be careful on the way back on the Homerun….

It's always a worry when your guests hurt themselves on the last run of the day :( but these guys didn't let that stop them from having a great ski holiday in Bansko.

It’s always a worry when your guests hurt themselves on the last run of the day 🙁 but these guys didn’t let that stop them from having a great ski holiday in Bansko.

CATEGORY Best dancers

From 10pm to 4am, those guys have been dancing all over the places in Bansko! Really, congrats (and where did you get the energy from?)

These guys danced their way around Bansko!

These guys danced their way around Bansko!

CATEGORY Best Entertainment

There was dancing…. but also smoking Shisha pipes and watching Bulgarians trying to beat Craig’s punching ball record. So yes, entertainment is the word!

Experiencing all that Bansko has to offer... including the Shish pipe bar!

Experiencing all that Bansko has to offer… including the Shish pipe bar!

CATEGORY Best New Year’s Eve

We had a fantastic time in Bansko watching the fireworks and celebrating the New Year with plenty of Champagne.

Fireworks in the town square and lots of champagne to see the night in!

Fireworks in the town square and lots of champagne to see the night in!

CATEGORY Best Clubbers

Skiing during the day and clubbing at night? Yes they have done it during all the week: great week, great night, and great guests! We needed a week off after they left 🙂

Skiing all day, clubbing all night in Bansko! Well done guys!

Skiing all day, clubbing all night in Bansko! Well done guys!

Horizon Festival, Bansko

Now that I’ve fully recovered from Horizon Festival I can take some time to write a quick review!

This was Horizon’s second year; last year it had a great start and the organisers did a great job of improving the festival to make it bigger and better with new venues and different events like Pro Rider Demo’s in the park.

Once again, there was a fantastic, friendly atmosphere thoughout Horizon – the partygoers were loving the fresh snow that conveniently arrived for them at the beginning of the week as well as the budget loving prices in Bansko. The Horizon staff were great; cheerful and helpful and even the DJs were joining the crowd to party after their sets.


At the ripe old age of 33 I couldn’t quite manage a full week of partying (my excuse is that I had to do some work) but I loved that Hotel Tofana got involved this year at Chalin Valog. It’s a great mountain venue and the nicely organised shuttle buses made it easy to access for those who didn’t make it onto the slopes. Kerri Chandler was fantastic – please can he come back next year??

Tofana Fire Dancers

Tofana Fire Dancers

Even though I didn’t make it to all the parties, it was great to see the chilled out town of Bansko hosting a festival like this; the energy and atmosphere in town is fantastic and the display of animal onsie’s and 80s retro ski gear on the slopes was very impressive.